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Assortment Box Split Pin DIN 94 BZP

Assortment Box Split Pin DIN 94 BZP
SP D94 FZB Content: 1x20 100pcs, 1,6x12 50pcs, 1,6x32 50pcs, 2x25 50pcs, 2x40 50pcs, 2,5x25 50pcs, 2,5x32 50pcs, 3,2x16 50pcs, 3,2x32 25pcs, 3,2x50 25pcs, 4x25 25pcs, 4x32 25pcs, 4x50 15pcs, 5x32 15pcs, 5x50 15pcs, 6,3x40 10pcs, 6,3x 63 10pcs, 8x50 5pcs
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