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Order our new wood screw!

Our new wood screws have a saw tooth thread with optimal split-reducing effect and a very sharp tip, as well as being very fast.

Also usable with a plug,these are smarter screws that perform at exceptionally well when compared to others.

Order the wood screws here

Fasteners packed in our Ecobox

Our products are delivered in our standard, watertight, recyclable Ecobox.

Learn more about the Ecobox

Chat with us

Through the chat, you can get answers to your questions about placing orders and information on the items, prices, as well as balance statements.

You need to log into the webshop to chat with us. If you don’t have a webshop account, please email your name, company name, and postal address to customerservice@arvidnilsson.com.

We look forward to helping you!

Screws for wood and boards

Screws for metal

Blind rivets

Bolts, nuts, washers

Plugs and Anchors

Building brackets


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Chat with us

To be able to chat with us you need to be a reseller in our webshop.

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